Vic Sorisio Catalog of Songs

Here is a collection of songs for your consideration.  If you are interested in licensing, broadcasting, or using any of the songs below please contact Vic Sorisio at (360) 600-9101 or email at   All songs are copyright of the author's name next to the song title. Victor Sorisio 1985-2009, 2010 or Victor Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri 1985-2009, Marc Keele & Victor Sorisio 2008-2011 all rights reserved. Any duplication or transmission by explicit written permission only. Check out the music store if you would like to buy a CD or download a mp3! Also available on itunes!

Check back later, even more songs on the way!

Songs are catagorized as Pop, Rock, Ballad, Blues, Instumental, and 80's Vibe.


          Song Title / Author(s) / Description

I Love My Dog ( More Than I Love You) / Vic Sorisio / Comical angry about a breakup song
We're Goin' to Vegas / Party song vegas rockstar jagger
Feel My Vibe / Vic Sorisio / Trippy mid tempo
Be My Baby / Vic Sorisio / Funky love song                                                                          
Love U Girl / Vic Sorisio / happy go lucky mid tempo "I'm in love" song
Relax / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Upbeat everything's gonna be alright
Get Out of Bed (I Can't Wake Up!) / Vic Sorisio / A Song About A Loser             
Open Your Heart / Vic Sorisio / A funky beat love song of encouragement
Honey / Vic Sorisio / Appolagetic give us one more chance love song
Never Got To Say Goodbye / Vic Sorisio / A song about losing my father at age 4
I Know How You Feel / Vic Sorisio / An encouraging empathic song for someone feeling depressed or troubled
Middle of the Night / Vic Sorisio / Eclectic moody song about walking around in the middle of the night
Groove It / Vic Sorisio / Funky R & B Sexy Dance Song
Run Away / Vic Sorisio / Romantic escape reagee featuring lead guitar
Set it Free / Vic Sorisio / Pressure of modern life creates anxiety that need to be "set free"
You Make it Right / Vic Sorisio / eclectic sensual song, a love appreciation featuring wah lead guitar  


          Song Title / Author(s) / Description

All Night Long / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottilieri / Romantic Sexy Night on the Town and more...
If Only I Could Have You / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Love song for someone that seems unabtainable
I Can't Change / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Standing up for who you are, your dreams and goals with an attitude
Party / Vic Sorisio & Ric Bottiglieri / A banal song about a guy that wants you to party
Give and Take / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottilieri / A song about relationships
Tuck Me Under / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / A conversation from a guy that likes a girl
Don't Let Go / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Mid tempo rock love song
Temptation / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Head the warnings to temptations that can lead to trouble.
I'm Gone / Vic Sorisio / Grungy angry song that says I've had enough...I'm outta here!


          Song Title / Author(s) / Description

I'll Never Stop Loving You / Vic Sorisio / Love Song
I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye / Vic Sorisio / Break up sad love song
Open Your Heart Acoustic Version / Vic Sorisio / Acoustic love song of encouragement
Look Ahead / Vic Sorisio / Optimistic piano-vocal song about putting the past behind you
So Many Miles / Vic Sorisio / "I miss you" acoustic guitar-vocal love song


          Song Title / Author(s) / Description

Single Life / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Upbeat - The lighter positive side of becoming single
Heart Breakin' Woman / Vic Sorisio / The title says it all
Keep it a Rollin' / Vic Sorisio / Upbeat light hearted drivin' music
Money / Vic Sorisio / Don't you know it's only money?
My Baby / Vic Sorisio / A song about the girl of my dreams
My Love is Gone / Vic Sorisio / A sad slow breakup song
I'll Be There for you / Vic Sorisio /A Bluesy Love Song
Blues Man / Vic Sorisio / Upbeat song about good times on the road
The Note / Vic Sorisio / A secret admirer writing a note
Kiss / Vic Sorisio / About a kiss from a girl
Real World / an observation about Living in the emotional, material, spiritual and the real world
Bad Blues / Vic Sorisio / Feelin down hearted
Why You Gotta Call Me? / Vic Sorisio / A song about the ex calling after you are starting to get over the breakup
You Shouldn't Make Promises You Can't Keep / Vic Sorisio / Breakup song


          Song Title / Author(s) / Description 

By The River / Vic Sorisio / Analog keyboard soundtrack
Car Chase - Crazy Torino / Vic Sorisio / High energy techno
Car Commercial / Vic Sorisio / Happy sounds featuring echo guitar
CSI Crime Lab Soundtrack / Vic Sorisio / High tech vibe
Funku Tokyo Funk / Vic Sorisio / Asian funky sounds
Karma / Vic Sorisio / Eastern flavored guitar
Insomnia Late Night No Sleep / Vic Sorisio / Distorted vintage avante-garde synthesizer meets funky groove loop
Mojo Techno / Vic Sorisio / Mid tempo robotic feel
On the Town / Vic Sorisio / Jazzy contemporary piece for saxophone
Only Heaven Knows / Vic Sorisio / Haunting Airy Synths, funky drums and tenor sax
Over and Over / Vic Sorisio / Techno groove with crushing guitars
Peaceful New Age Meditation / Vic Sorisio / Airy relaxing all keyboards
Sexy Groove / Vic Sorisio / Funky with lots of guitars and echo lead synth
Sad Song / Vic Sorisio / Somber all keyboard soundtrack
Space Sci-Fi / Vic Sorisio / All synth keyboard soundtrack
Tension and Suspense / Vic Sorisio / All synth keyboard soundtrack
The Battle / Vic Sorisio / layered drums and melodic lead guitar
TV Show Detective Theme / Vic Sorisio / Upbeat with sax and catchy bass line
What Ya Gonna Do Now? / Vic Sorisio / Rockin' guitars snappy snare fills and tenor sax
80's TV Theme Part 1 / Vic Sorisio / Bring on the White Sport Coat!
80's TV Theme Part 2 / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Synth and Guitar duel leads
Hyper / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Featuring Rick on the shred  lead guitar
I Wonder / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Layered keyboards and busy drum machine
Inner Child / Vic Sorisio / All Drums
Mystery / Vic Sorisio / 16th note bass synth and drum machine all keyboards
Perplexed / Vic Sorisio / Spacey free form all drums and percussion
Stampede of 10,000 Buffalo / Vic Sorisio / a wall of sound (all drums)
Tracy's Theme / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Shedding Lead featuring Rick on guitar
Tumbleweed / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / All Acoustic Guitars, alterered tunings & slide

80's "Demos" (so much 80's flavor!)

          Song Title / Author(s) / Description

Call Me / Vic Sorisio, Rick Bottiglieri & Jeanie Garcia / Funky song about a girl waiting for a guy to call her.
Deception / Vic Sorisio, Rick Bottiglieri & Jeanie Garcia / About being "cheated on".
I Wanna Hold You In My Arms / Vic Sorisio / Love Song
Money Honey / Vic Sorisio, Rick Bottiglieri & Jeanie Garcia / A song about a girl that wants money.
Some Things Never Work Out / Vic Sorisio & Rick Bottiglieri / Funky "hey johnny" groove- light hearted song about things going wrong